Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I told you last week I'd give you the rundown on Guangzhou. I'll save your time. It's a nice enough city, with the Pearl River running through it. There's a nice river walk the length of it. Some nice parks too. But it's really a big business center, especially in terms of trade. So I relaxed, did a lot of walking; but I don't have any super-cool photos or anything like that to share.

However, I'm in Hong Kong this week and will have plenty of great pics to share before I head off to my next stop.

Speaking of, perhaps you'd like another hint as to where I might be going?

OK, here it is: As I said before, it will take me 36 hours to get to my next destination. This trip also will talk me through two other countries.

Any ideas yet? I'll give you one last clue before I leave, and I promise that one will help.

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