Thursday, November 20, 2008

The coolest city in the world

I love Hong Kong. I was here in 2004 and I am thrilled that I got to come again. It has an energy like nowhere else. It's a bit like New York, with perhaps a little bit of San Francisco thrown in. There are people everywhere. It's an international city.

One of my favorite things about the city are the countless ways to get around. There are double-decker buses, double decker trams, a cable car to the top of Victoria Peak, numerous ferries running between the various islands and the Kowloon Peninsula (including the long-running Star Ferry, which used to be the only way to get to Hong Kong Island), a top-notch subway system and an enormous fleet of red taxis. AND in Central--HK's main business district--there's a huge network of above-ground walkways. You can go nearly anyway and never have to touch pavement.

I stayed the week at the apartment of Paul's dad, Denny. He's a teacher at the HK International School. I got quite a lot in, as well, though I neglected to bring my camera most of the time. We hit the night market one night for a bit of haggling for gadgets and souvenirs. I also was able to meet up with my friend Jimmy, a native Hong Konger who worked at the hostel where I lived in Wellington. I went to Lamma Island, which I didn't do last time. Had a nice fish and calamari lunch and a bit of a hike across the island. It's been a good week

Just a few photos, but I'm sure you'll agree with me that this is the coolest-looking city in the world.

From atop Victoria Peak (The Peak). You're as high as the tallest buildings. You might recognize the very tall building on the left from The Dark Knight.

From China

From Kowloon Peninsula during the nightly light show:

From China

The number of jumbo container ships coming in and out of the area is staggering. Hong Kong is a major port

From China

And lastly, one of my favorite buildings here, the Bank of China Tower. It's designed by IM Pei. Some Chinese thinks it exudes bad feng shui.

From China

I will post one final clue to my next destination soon; I've only got about 40 hours left in Hong Kong. I promise this last clue actually will help...

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