Friday, October 05, 2007

Life outside the cube: Bee keeping

I've heard that bees make a different sound when they're pissed off. I'd like to take this opportunity to confirm that. Thankfully this was done without a single sting marring the handsome figure of your hero. Have I found my new calling?

1400 hours: The call comes in. One of the neighbors has spotted something. Annie and Vida (helper from Taiwan) suit up. We load the van and head off. I'm ready with my camera.

1412 hours: We arrive at the scene and interogate the resident. This isn't the first incident here.

1415 hours: We investigate the scene. It's a swarm all right; a massive one.

1420 hours: The containment device is deployed. The bees are swept from the tree and onto a board.

1425 hours: Success. They are marching into the containment unit. (No, seriously, they all just started marching right into the damn box!)

1435 hours: My turn.

Kinda Marty McFly, no?

I go out to the orchard to assist with some hive maintenance. The bees surround me. I can feel them throwing themselves at the suit; their buzz becomes high pitched. They're effing pissed. I have to slowly walk away from the hive--they can smell fear, after all. I'm careful not to swat at them, so they don't sting through the suit. Successful mission.

Quite a departure from my desk job, but I don't think I have a future as a bee keeper.


Jeannie said...

the suit is quite becoming. I can see the ghosbuster days all over again

Anonymous said...

No way. They did not just march in. That is nuts. Stupid bees. =)