Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bits and pieces

Stick shift I've driven my first manual car. It's a Nissan four-wheel-drive diesel van, and the power steering is broken. I putt around through the orchard, hauling branches in a trailer.

Zippers Zipper pull tabs on jackets and hoodies here are on the opposite side from those in the US. I asked the guy at the store why, and he said it's because they drive on the left.

Veges Under pressure to be a good guest, I have been eating my vegetables for the last week. Don't tell my mom.

The Club "Paddy," the Irishman who lives across the street, took me to the Wairoa Club for drinks last night. He's "going on 80," doesn't like Guinness OR potatoes, and I can understand only about 60 percent of what he says. Forty-five after a few beers. He "hates gambling," but that didn't stop him from betting on some horse and dog races.

Cox isn't so bad As much as I had come to hate Cox for cable and Internet service, it never took two days to restore broadband access, like NZ's Telecom did here.

What a view With any luck, I'll be spending my days in this scenery all summer, in Queenstown.


Bob Gilmore said...

The view is spectacular. The old Irishman is a relative.

Bob Gilmore said...

you're caught... you have to make up for 25 years of no veggies when you get home

"your mother"