Friday, September 21, 2007


Hostels: the nightly home of the backpacker. They can range from dirty shitholes seemingly built on top of an anthill to damn-near 3-star hotels. I'm at my fourth hostel of my trip and have already seen quite a range. I'll tell you a bit about each of them, and future homes, as I remember.

Nomads Fat Camel, Auckland

The Fat Camel is a popular spot for folks' first nights in New Zealand. It's convenient to public transportation and the city center.

Pros: Good location in downtown Auckland; free (small) dinner; bar is a good place to meet other backpackers

Cons: Needs to be refurbished quite a bit: new paint, mattresses, etc.; mattresses are just thin foam sheets; seedy part of town ("massage" parlor right next door)

Web site

Saltwater Lodge, Paihia, Bay of Islands

Saltwater Lodge opened in 2001. It's just a block from the beach and is in great condition.

Pros: Good character; very clean; great kitchen and community room; very helpful desk staff

Cons: Some guests opt to enjoy the large movie collection too much.

Web site

I'll profile more soon.

First, a poll. Should I:

A- Get a job somewhere on the north island for a couple weeks before heading south. I have a couple opportunities to work on farms.
B- Head south now to Wellington and then the south island for some awesome scenery and maybe some skiing.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think


Steff Childs said...

Farm work! (well, unless ski season is almost over down there)

Anonymous said...

What's the rush? Try out farm work.


Bob Gilmore said...

My vote is farm work....You need to start stretching this out a little.

Marjorie said...

Stay north and see some farms. Or hit the Coromandel if you can. Look up Nigel Horne - he has an outdoor adventure company of some sort, near Whitianga. GORGEOUS cliffs and hot water beach. Head south later.
Thanks for the vicarious travels. Many corporate whores are jealous.
--Stephanie Childs' friend Marjorie who also happens to have left her heart down there somewhere.

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