Thursday, July 12, 2007

Corporate words I hate

During my last couple months in Corporate America, I thought that I would do some venting. This will be a periodical feature about terrible words used in the corporate world. Corporate America uses tons of cliches and misuses words like it will raise the stock price. As a writer, this makes me feel very sad.

Today's word: Learnings

Learnings is not a word. Even Microsoft Office knows that! It gives you the squiggly red lines people! Learning, singular, can be a noun if we are referring to academic activity. Like an instition of higher learning. Other than that, learning is the present participle of learn. It is a verb. Can't we just leave our poor verbs alone?

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Greg said...

Hey Justin, I enjoyed your blog and having spent 7 years fermenting in a corporate cube, I can relate!

I would like to add your blog to my site, - but couldnt find an email for you. Thanks!