Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Senioritis v3.0

In 2001, I remember sitting through my last semester of high school, longing to be done with full school days and dress codes. Senioritis had hit.

Four years later, it was wave two. Just one more semester and I'll be free of school and making a paycheck! The first round paled in comparison. It sounded so glamorous to be in the big-kid world--I got business cards, a laptop, a phone... The honeymoon was shortlived.

Now, just a bit more than two years after that, I feel as though I'm having senioritis all over again. This time, it's big and it's bad. I'm down to 54 days now, and it cannot come soon enough. I've all but checked out at work. There are several things I have to get done before I leave so I don't look like a schmuck. I'll get them done, but I can't promise I'll have fun doing them. I can almost smell the jet fuel and taste the airplane food aboard my Air New Zealand B-777. At least I don't have any final exams to cram for.

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Greg said...

In the army they call that "getting short".....what a good feeling! :)