Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Friday!

Some people's voice are filled with so much excitement over saying those words. I love Fridays as much as the next guy, but how depressing is it that we give so much credence to one day of the week? We're essentially admitting to ourselves and everyone around us that the four days that preceded today were inferior to the next two. Why do so many of us go through life enjoying three (really just two) days of every week more than the other four? Now, I've forgotten just about everything I learned in my stats class, but I'm pretty sure that's a shitty ratio.

And that really gets to the heart of what I'm doing. Why should I waste my one shot at this thing called life worrying about slogging through five days each week just to "enjoy" two more? There are better ways for all of us to spend our lives than as living Dilberts, periodically enjoying 28.5 percent of our existence. There are far too many places to see, people to meet and beers to be drunk, and I intend to get in my fair share of all three.

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Chris Carruth said...

Amen to that.

As Sunday evening draws to a close a general and undirected loathing towards Monday more or less builds up. It peaks somewhere around noon on Luna, then ebbs all week until Friday when I have an inking of joy.

It's shitty. It's not "life". I'm whining. It's Friday.