Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What´s left

I will be back in Omaha in 16 days: Feb. 12. There´s still a lot to do between now and then.

I´m heading along the Uruguayan coast to the east today. Gonna stay on the beach. Friday, it´s back to Buenos Aires for one last weekend. I plan to enjoy a beautiful steak one last time.

The on Monday... Well, once again, I´m not at liberty to say. I have one last country to visit before I make it back stateside. I have a good reason for going there as well; not so random as Argentina from China. I´ll let you know that it is in the Americas. It´s somewhere I´ve never been. And it´s meant to be quite the up-and-coming destination.

It´s not Costa Rica.

You´ll find out soon enough, anyway.


dave925 said...

I know you know to message me if it´s Colombia. I´m enjoying it...especially here in Medellin where the city sits in a valley surrounded by mountains.

Anonymous said...

You should go to Cuba!!!