Friday, January 23, 2009


It´s always fun to go to a new country. Passport stamp, new money, different culture. Uruguay isn´t terribly different from Argentina though, in many respects. Food´s quite similar. Language also is similar. It´s small, though. Buenos Aires has a bigger population than the whole country. Montevideo is cool. Very European, like Buenos Aires. A bit worn down. Some beautiful architecture:

From Argentina

I don´t know why they put that godawful antenna on top, though. And for every nice building like that, there is one of these eyesores:

From Argentina

I have two more nights here in Montevideo, then I will check out a few other spots in the country, probably along the coast.

And how about a random photo? In Montevideo, and in a few Argentine cities, the recycling program looks like this:

From Argentina

The city´s poor patrol the streets, digging through trash in search of bottles, cardboard and other goodies to cash in for $$.

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