Thursday, December 11, 2008

Segunda semana

I decided, pretty much on a whim, to take a Spanish class for a couple weeks. It´s been good to have somewhere structured to practice, but we´re studying things at quite a high level (I tested into level five of nine)--verb tenses that I don´t exactly need to use in basic conversation. Some have no exact equivalent in English. But tomorrow is my last class.

Just a couple quick updates for youse all...

Last Saturday, I went a little way north of BA to Tigre. It was a nice change from the loud city. It lies on the Plate river delta. We took a water taxi through the rivers and canals, passing many rowing clubs on the way, to an Island with no cars. Very nice break from the city.

From Argentina

From Argentina

I´ve spent a lot of time just relaxing on the hostel´s roof, enjoying a Quilmes beer and conversation--in English and Spanish--with my fellow travelers. I´ve made quite a few good friends since I´ve been here.

From Argentina

I also went to a market on Sunday--a huge market. I will get photos this Sunday. Quite cool. It was a holiday weekend so there were lots of other small events going on, including a concert by a brass band in the Plaza de Mayo, where the goverment offices sit. They played such standards as CCR´s Green River and a Madonna medley (she was in town for a series of show).

Lastly, I know you all wanted to see what my foot looks like, post glass incident. Here it is mostly healed. I had already taken one stitch out.

From Argentina

I´m in town until Monday, I think. I´m going to head off to the northwest and see Cordoba, Argetina´s second-largest city, and Mendoza, the country´s chief wine-growing region, and probably another stop or two. Then it´s back to BA for New Year´s and after that, onto the south of the country, where I´ll see glaciers, lakes, mountains and maybe even visit the world´s southernmost city.

But before I jet, I´m going to catch the last Boca Juniors game of the season on Sunday. Bound to be a blast!

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Anonymous said...

i like islands with no cars. it's why venice is one of my fave cities. however, i think i could have taken a pass on the foot photo. eww... lol... travel safe!