Monday, September 01, 2008

Zai jian, USA

I leave Omaha in about nine hours. Omaha-Denver-Vancouver-Beijing. Feeling the nerves much more than I did when I went to NZ, but I'm ridiculously excited, because I'm going to see and experience things that most people only dream of. Sometime in the next week, I'll visit the Great Wall. I'll walk around the Forbidden City. I'm going to see the terra cotta warriors. And that's only in China.

I'll keep you updated with plenty of photos and thoughts.

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Unknown said...

Hey Justin!
Somehow I found the URL of your blog you gave me a long long time ago in Paihia. At the moment I've a bit of spare time, so I was reading a bit of your blog. Sounds like a really interesting trip you're going to start soon - I'm pretty sure you'll experience lots of adventures and see cool stuff. Don't be to nervous, with all your travelling experience it shouldn't be a problem to get along.
I just returned from Japan which was the last stage of my 1-year trip. Now I'm back in Germany, enjoying the OK weather and try to decide what I wanna do.