Monday, September 22, 2008

heading out of town

tomorrow morning, I'm heading out west to visit some smaller towns and villages. I will get a ride to my first stop with the owner of the hostel, sim. He's going on a trip out west and offered me a ride. I'll be out west for about a week. No updates until I get back to Chengdu, unfortunately. But I will have perhaps the best update yet once I get back.

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dave925 said...

Hey Justin - Dave with here! Just wanted to let you know I'm still checking in on your blog and adventures when time permits. Awesome that you're taking on Asia now.

Chengdu is a cool city. Email me if you'd like my friend's name and email info. Charlie has lived there for 3 years, and earns his living as a DJ. So if you see a poster for a "Just Charlie" event at a local bar like The Hemp House, check it out. He always draws a good crowd. :)

Are you going to travel into Tibet at all?