Monday, June 09, 2008

North Island road trip: Days 1 and 2

On Monday, I got the car and drove north. Was a fairly uneventful, except I drove past Mts. Ruapehu and Tongariro, two of the tallest on the North Island. Some cool photos to come.

Today, Tuesday, I continued driving North to the Coromandel, a beautiful peninsula east of Auckland.

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I'm in the town of Whitianga (the "Wh," in Maori, is pronounced like an F). It's a nice little town on the coast, and my hostel is right next to the beach.

I'll need to upload my photos later to appropriately show you what I got up to tonight, but one activity I took part in was digging my own spa pool on Hot Water Beach. After I dug out a hole with a few folks I met there, we just lounged on the beach, staring at the moon coming up. Photos to come, I promise.

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