Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in the US--First a week in San Diego

Yes, I am alive and well, back in the states. I'm writing this from San Diego's airport (thank god for free wifi!). I spent the last week here, because my best friend, Paul, got married last night to Liz. I couldn't have picked him a better woman. They were terribly generous, letting me invade their place for a week. I got to go swimming in the ocean and enjoyed some nice local beers, which didn't cost the $7 I'm used to! Long story short, they had a great ceremony last night.

The site was the Thursday Club in San Diego's Sunset Cliffs area. Great location, overlooking the ocean:

Me and Paul:

Me and the maid of honor, Liz's sister Becky:

Me with Paul and Liz (stunner, eh?)

And the happy couple:

Anyway, I have to get on a plane now! I'll be back in Omaha at 1030 tonight. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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