Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nearly done...

Two weeks from tomorrow is (hopefully) my last day of work. Four weeks from tomorrow I hop a plane back stateside. Wow has time flown.

One of the owners, it would see, is under the impression that I want to destroy the place as I leave. I noted to him yesterday that a couple other waiters have put in their notice this week. It's a bad coincidence that their last days will be the same week as mine. Apparently this means that I am trying to get everyone to quit with me?

I will mention one point of frustration, however. My replacement, as assistant manager, started this week. Now I have no problem training my replacement, and I let the manager know that. But then I met my replacement. Nice guy, seems to want to work hard. But he's 18 (EIGHTEEN) and has SIX MONTHS of restaurant (actually cafe) experience. I don't know if they are desperate or what, but that seems like a rather unbalanced replacement for me. I guess that's for them to worry about.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this chapter wrapping up. I think I will be doing one last work exchange before I leave. More on that later. Just looking to wrap up my time here with some nice scenery and good Kiwi hospitality!

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