Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Sevens

I spent the weekend with beauty queens, construction workers, flight attendants, police officers and countless others. If you Omaha folks thought baseball fans went nuts during the College World Series, you've seen nothing.

The International Rugby Sevens is a traveling tournament of rugby teams from all over the world. Gameplay is seven versus seven, rather than the usual 15, and games are 15 minutes each. So it's just a day loaded with quick rugby games. Folks from around the country have been in town and it's been just a huge party--each group picks a theme and gets costumed up. I've seen so many crazy getups marching through the streets. Check out these photos for some of what I saw.

Last night concluded with a street party on Courtenay Place, just down the block from where I live. Madness. It would be like closing down the Old Market.

So aside from nursing my mean hangover right now, things are good. I am trying to decide what I will do after my time in New Zealand. I think either I will go to China in July or I will get a job back in Omaha for a couple months and go to China in September, after the Olympics are over...all the new infrastructure will be in place, but none of the Games crowds. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

well. what was your group's costume? please tell me it wasn't the flintstones.