Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas downunder

After several days of technical troubles, I'm finally able to bring you this post.

My first Christmas away from home was also my first Christmas in another country--and my first Christmas in the Summer. And while it didn't really feel like Christmas, celebrating the holidays in the Summer is fine with me. A couple of my coworkers had a big party at their house. Being Irish, they had a lot of other Irish friends there as well. If you've never partied with Irish, you are missing out.

One of our turkeys was cooked on the grill...delicious.

There was plenty of Diet Coke and lemonade for us to enjoy throughout the day.

Shorts on Christmas day? Better believe it. An impromptu cricket game even struck up.

And the night ended with a bonfire and drunken Irish songs. Happy Birthday, Santa!

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Anonymous said...

Particularly love the red and black plaid shirt with the Hawaiian print flowered shorts. Is that a Gilmore creation?