Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Doing my thing

Well, for now I have decided to live at the hostel. I am now in a "long-term" room that is smaller than my freshman year dorm, yet has two bunkbeds. It's tight. But there's a lot of fun people here (lots of Irish) and as I said before, it's extremely convenient.

I work my third shift at the restaurant tonight, and my first waiting tables. I've gotten to know the menu pretty well, but it's still going to be a test to keep up with the service expectations.

So now I'm just trying to get into a bit of a rhythm. It can get kind of boring with lots of people doing daytime temp work and me working nights. But I think I'm going to get some roller blades (they're freakin expensive over here!) once I get paid, so that should keep me a little busier. And once my computer gets here, I hope to do some freelance articles and sell some photos to online content stores like Associated Content.

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