Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trial by fire

Fourty-eight hours from now, I may be employed. Or I may be nursing a really bad hangover after drinking away my sorrows. Five minutes after submitting my CV to a local restaurant yesterday, I got a phone call asking if I could do a trial shift on Thursday. Seems the local practice here in Queenstown is to throw you into the deep end, with very little training, to see if you're up to snuff. This prevents them from wasting time training people who suck and only want work because they blew all their money on thrills and beers and need to earn funds for a plane ticket home. So they gave me a menu and a wine list and said, "See you at half past five."

So, wish me luck. Good thing I was waiting tables for a few months before I took off, though I don't exactly have the "couple years" of experience that most venues require. But the manager obviously knows good people when she sees them.

Oh, and the wages are $10 plus tips. Beats the hell out of the $2.15 I made in Omaha.

Check out the restaurant: Captains Restaurant

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Anonymous said...

They serve "streaky bacon"? Seriously, who named it streaky bacon. That so doesn't sound like anything I'd want... Wait. Nevermind. Who am I kidding? I love pork products. Bacon is bacon is bacon - even if it is streaky.