Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some great views

I am in Wanaka now. It's a little over an hour away from Queenstown, and the scenery is no less stunning. There were only two of us on the bus, so the driver made a couple stops so I could get out and take photos.

In this one, Queenstown is in the distance. You can see the airport and a bit of Lake Wakatipu.

AND, here's a video I took of one of the other fliers from the other day. She's still building momentum, so imagine it going even higher than this (and not coming down sideways).


Anonymous said...

Hey - that first picture is just one "happy little tree" away from a Bob Ross painting - NICE.

Anonymous said...

wow... that's about all i can think to say. that first photo really does belong on a postcard or in one of those artsy, nature calendars... hmmm... you know, these are supposed to be compliments... seriously. i mean, it looks professional.