Monday, October 01, 2007

So far in Wairoa...

-I helped pick more than eight tons of oranges
-I slide the riding mower into a drainage ditch (don't worry, photos forthcoming)
-I did go spotlighting...perfectly clear night with a full moon, roaming through fields of sheep and cattle on the back of a four-wheeler. No deer, but plenty of rabbits and turkeys
-I got an American history lesson from an Irishman
-I watched a rowing regatta on the Wairoa river. (For those who don't know, I used to row, so this was of particular interest...though the talent levels were quite spread out, so it was pretty boring)

Photos coming for all of the above, and lots more adventures to come, and possibly one that will make Bogard quite jealous.

And Gena, that earthquake was too far south for me to have felt it. I think folks on the south island did, though.

Hope all is well back in the USA

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Anonymous said...

Since Lauren Bacall's not readily available, I can only assume that you're about to board the New Zealand Queen in search of some liquid refreshment (which, it appears, you've found in abundance already). Be sure to pack some citrus to prevent scurvy, remember that the whirlpools twirl counterclockwise and be careful which fingers you hold up to signal for help.