Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pinch me

Every single day that I'm here, I see something absolutely incredible. Monday was no exception.

I drove out, east of Christchurch, to the Banks Penninsula and the former French settlement of Akaroa. (This stop was highly recommended by Paul).

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Simply stunning. The Penninsula was formed by volcanic activity and they've carved out roads that take you on a sweet-ass tour around the top.


Akaroa from above

After stopping in Akaroa, I drove around the spine of the Penninsula and down into Le Bons Bay. I'd say this was the coolest place I've been to yet, as far as scenery goes. I had the whole beach to myself and was surrounded by high hills.

And a little video...

I didn't spend much time exploring Christchurch. I thought my time was better spent getting out into the surrouding area since I have a car...I'll likely have time to revisit Christchurch. Now I'm in Dunedin, which has the steepest street in the world (the one my hostel is on isn't far off, either). More on that later.

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