Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bits and pieces

Dunedin (out of the backlog...) I liked Dunedin quite a bit, though it was shite weather while I was there. Among the sites I took in while there:

--Baldwin Street is the steepest in the world. I didn't dare try to drive up it in my shitmobile for a car.

--Lots of wildlife. Saw a fur seal colony and wild blue penguins. It was night time, so I don't have any penguin photos, unfortunately.

--Toured the Cadbury factory. Hershey really does make a shitty product.

Puzzling World Went to Wanaka's Puzzling world on Monday with some folks from the hostel. I suddenly grew by four feet:

Took the Roman toilets for a spin:

And found my way through a maze:

Afterward, we climbed Mt Iron for a great panoramic view. You can see Wanak behind us.

Heading back to Queenstown today. I want to decide where I'm going to stay soon. Going to check out the job prospects this evening. I'll be honest--despite Queenstown's total awesomeness, it's hella expensive. To support my goal of traveling Asia after New Zealand, I may be better off in a city so that I can conserve my money a little better. I will figure that out over the weekend.

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Steff Childs said...

For the record, Hershey doesn't make Cadbury chocolates. Cadbury does. And it is very weird stuff. Leave it to the British to take the taste out of something that should be so good. =)