Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hostel - Stables Lodge, Napier

Of all the times to be getting over a cold, it had to be this one. This hostel had about 20 women from across Europe and only one other guy to fight for them with. A gorgeous German checked in right behind me. I had two hot Norwegians in my room. But that doesn't matter shit when you can't carry on a conversation without sounding like you just smoked three packs of cigarettes and gargled razor blades; the constant sniffling and coughing doesn't get you far either. The cold is on its way out, but not quite gone.

Pros: Good kitchen, free fruit and bread, only $15, hot-European-chick haven

Cons: Room smelled kinda funky, hostel is several blocks from the city center

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And one other note on being sick--Medicine here is ridiculously expensive! A 20-pack of sudafed is like $16.50! Not cool at all. However, getting a high dose of vitamin C is cheap as hell. Kiwifruit are less than 10 cents a piece.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, followup studies have shown that Vitamin C doesn't help with a cold.