Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Holy crap, what a day!

For those of you who are living vicariously through me, let me say that we had a hell of a day today!

I had my first fish and chips in New Zealand.

What? Not good enough for you? You want something exciting and fun?

Fine. It was on the way home from a day trip to the top of the country, Cape Reinga.

Not impressed with extreme locations, eh?

I also went to a kauri tree forest. Huge trees...comparable with giant redwoods. Also saw some 45,000 year old kauri wood, such as this old trunk that's become a staircase.

What? Seriously? Not good enough?

Shit, what does it take?

Our bus drove the length of 90 Mile Beach to get to the top of the country. Actually it's only 50 miles, but incredible still.

Not doing it, eh?

We saw baby seals.

Yea, yea it's still not enough, I know.

OK then, I've got one more. At the end of the beach, there are sand dunes.

We went down them on body boards.

Now, by this, I don't mean we ran up and down some 30-foot hill, laughing and sliding into eachother.

We hiked up a 280-foot sand dune and went down, one at a time, at 20 miles an hour. Do it wrong and you break your wrists, ribs or face.

Imagine a football field covered with sand. OK, now put it at a 40-degree angle. Now climb up it, while 30+ mph winds are trying to throw you back down the dune.

I'll probably be picking sand out of my ears for the next week, and it's totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

You saw baby seals? Did you kill 5 of them with your bare hands? Because you do what you want? Great pictures, by the way.

bkwriter2007 said...

Glad you're having fun.