Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First day in the City of Sails

Auckland is a lot like other cities. It feels like a lot of American cities I've been in, except everyone is on the left. Some good things to see, though. I hopped on a free day-tour bus around town with some folks from my hostel. Later, some of us went up to the Sky Tower and watched the sunset. Night ended with free dinner and a few beers at the hostel bar, but I was in bed by 9:30, because I was just wiped. Today, I think I'll be going to one of the museums, because it's free, and just some more exploring by foot. Tonight we'll actually go out properly.

Oh, and the ceremony has been completed...video will come soone (it takes awhile to upload).

Lots of volcanoes in Auckland (45 I think)

From atop the Sky Tower.

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