Monday, August 20, 2007

Insurance: Check

I got word from my agent today that I'm good to go on my medical and life insurance. However, since I'll be 25 on my effective date, the medical's going to cost me another 30-40 bucks. Damn. But it also won't take effect until i leave, not the first like I had hoped, which means I have a week without insurance. I better be sure to take care of myself. I threw away the COBRA information I got on Saturday...oops.

So that's almost the last thing off my must-do list. I'm essentially ready to go. Just have to check and recheck my packing list...I should have everything I need though, just a matter of ensuring that it gets in the pack.

But there's also the matter of selling my car. I had a couple people look over the weekend, but no takers. Anyone want to buy a 96 Grand Cherokee?

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