Monday, August 27, 2007

Finally setting in

The fact that I'm about to depart is finally starting to set in. My parents had a going-away party for me on Saturday. Lots of family, coworkers and friends came to celebrate (and I even got a little extra beer money out of it!). I have only five more days of cubicle life before me. I also have some real work to do this week (sorry to let down those of you who thought I would be sitting here only semi-conscious for five days).

Also, despite the fact that I'm "ready to go" as far as preparations go, I still have to sell my car and open up an IRA to roll my 401k into. How does no one want to buy a red jeep?? It's a sweet car! Perfect first car for your 16 year old. Wish me luck...

Oh, and today marks a quarter century in the life of Justin. I'm old.

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