Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I've made some good headway on getting ready for my trip in the last couple weeks. For starters, I ordered my backpack from REI. That should be here this week. And yes, I do plan to live out of that during my travels!

I got my second bank account squared away--a MyAccess account from Bank of America. What's cool is that BoA doesn't charge for using others' ATMs AND has an agreement with a bank in New Zealand to not charge any transaction or exchange fees for using their ATMs. Very cool.

Next, I've gotten my first of a few immunizations. Tetanus was yesterday, but my doc referred me to an infectious disease specialist who can give me complete information about travel-related illnesses (especially important should I end up going to SE Asia, as I want to). I'll likely get hep A and typhoid next week there.

What's left? Well, I need to get my health insurance squared away for one. Then it's really just some random things and I'll be set to go!

96 days to go!

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