Saturday, May 19, 2007


In addition to using this blog as a way to help my friends and family keep track of me once I'm gone, I hope to leave a few tips for fellow travelers looking to do similar things. God knows plenty of other blogs have helped me thus far, so I should pay it forward, I suppose.

I need medical insurance 1) because the terms of my NZ visa say so, and 2) because I won't be employed and, god forbid, i need to be covered if anything should happen to me. Lots of travelers pick World Nomads, because it is dirt cheap. But really, it doesn't cover you for jack if you were to really need medical attention. I, most likely, will go with International Medical Group (IMG). Certainly not as cheap as Nomads. But, at a $1000 deductible, I will get $5 million in lifetime coverage, with a very short list of coverage exceptions. This includes the United States, and only for 750 a year. That's cheaper than what most people pay for regular coverage. I definitely would recommend this for anyone who wants to ensure they're covered while abroad.

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